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Wild ginger flower egg roll

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This is wild ginger flower egg roll. One and only stall in Taiwan making this. look its egg rolls are freshly rolled out from the machines for passer bys to see.

TV screen by the side show clips of famous artistes having visted their stalls in the past. Handsome dude AGAIN!

My friend who doesn’t like the fragrance of wild ginger flower actually thinks this is acceptable.  I guess it’s because the wild ginger flower is crushed into bits and pieces so it blends nicely with the egg roll batter. The beauty in this is that you wouldn’t notice the wild ginger flower taste on the first bite. It comes as an aftertaste after you have chewed over half of the egg roll, making it really fragrant and appetizing.

Apparently this is one of the flagship stores under a company known as green biotech. They have egg roll stores throughout Taiwan selling egg rolls of different flavours unique to that town’s specialty for example- its wild ginger flower for Neiwan and sausage for Nantou


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June 6, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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Deep fried wild ginger flowers

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Deep fried ginger flower. It looks like soft shell crab but of course it’s made of wild ginger flower. This will make a great afternoon snack. Not too heavy to stomach after lunch. I would love to munch on it while watching TV or when I’m in the movies. Crunchy and savoury while still retaining its fragrance. One word- AWESOME!

 Look at how fresh wild ginger flowers are deep fried instantly upon ordering.

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June 5, 2011 at 12:35 pm

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Home made cactus and wild ginger flower ice cream

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This purple ice cream is actually made of Cactus juice – only other place in taiwan which sells cactus ice cream is Penghu a small island off the coast of Taiwan. This ingredient is freshly flown from Penghu and goes really well with other ice cream flavours because of its mild sweet and refreshing taste.

wild ginger flower ice cream or rather any other food products with wild ginger in it is unique to Neiwan and you can’t find it anywhere else in Taiwan. It’s not because other places do not have wild ginger but it’s because only the locals of neiwan is ingenious enough to incorporate in it their food products. I heard from Mr Lan (another liaison officer from CPC) that the locals of Neiwan originally wanted to promote and use Sakura flower  and their food products but later decided against it because of some difficulity in harvesting it and Japan is already well-known for their sakura flower products and it’s hard to beat the Japanese at it. Hence they decided to name wild ginger flower as the official flower representative of Neiwan and to heavily promote and use it in their food products.

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June 1, 2011 at 10:56 am

Dumpling festival & Er jie’s wild ginger flower dumplings

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Dumpling festival is just around the corner! Er jie is busy making dumplings and even granny is joining in the fun. I can see Er Jie is applying what she has learnt at marketing lesson – to not only sell your final product but to show the process of making it. This way customers know what they are getting, and in this instance, its freshly made and wrapped wild ginger dumplings!!

I get the feeling that customers are stopping by her stall because Er Jie, granny and friends are gathered around the huge bowl of ingredients, laughing and making dumplings together. The warmth, sincerity and good fun they exude is attractive and gives the impression that Er Jie’s dumplings are made with extra love. Would you buy dumplings from Er jie or from a random stall with few miserly dumplings hanging out in the cold?


This picture is taken during ginger flower festival. Er Jie made the largest ever dumpling in Neiwan to celebrate this special occasion. This dumpling was then cut and given out to vistors of her stall. How amazingly passionate she is about dumplings!!


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June 1, 2011 at 10:46 am

Er jie’s Wild ginger flower dumplings

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One of neiwan’s famous delicacies is its wild ginger flower dumplings. It is Hakka style and it tastes really good. Traditional, and freshly steamed. YUMMY!!

The owner is the lady in green whom the locals call ER JIE. Motherly and accommodating, she immediately brought out stools for us sit and enjoy her dumplings and complimentary guavas & watermelon.. the guavas are really sweet. Different from the ones we are used to in Spore which is dryer and harder.



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June 1, 2011 at 10:38 am

Homemade wild ginger flower pineapple tart

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Being a pineapple tart-lover at heart, I know I had to visit Neiwan’s pineapple tart stall. There you will be amazed by the assortment of pineapple tarts they have. flavours you wouldn’t think of having in a tart. Besides the original pineapple tart, they have pineapple tart combined with flavours such as chocolate, green matcha, wild ginger flower and walnut.. Their specialty is the wild ginger flower tart.

The boss told us his story of how he and his wife have started their business from scratch. They had the idea of blending the taste of Neiwan’s popular wild ginger flower with pineapple tart but were afraid that customers might not accept the resulting taste. The taste of ginger flower is strong and pungent. A delicate balance had to be struck in terms of the quantity of ginger flower in a tart to ensure that the resulting taste is not too pungent as to mask the traditional taste of the pineapple tart and yet still retain the natural fragrance of the flower. They experimented with the idea for some time before coming up with the perfect formula. The boss let us try a sample and it was really delicious. The ginger flower made the pineapple tart more fragrant and I like the fact that it’s not too sweet like some tarts I have tried back in Singapore.

This business of wild ginger flower pineapple tart is not as easy as it seems. Much skill and experience is needed in ensuring the freshest of wild ginger flowers is used. There have to be harvested during hotter months of the year before the flower fully blooms. I could see that the boss and his wife are truly dedicated in their business. Even the paper packaging is specially customized and designed to exactly fit each of their pineapple tart. They really deserve our continued patronage and support! . 😉



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June 1, 2011 at 9:36 am

Neiwan’s famous homemade Tofu Hua (Soy beancurd)

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TOFU WANG is open. He seems to be opened for business all the time even till quite late in the night when other shops close for the day.  He is also the boss which treated us to his homemade ice-cream on our very first day in this town. There is an assortment of different flavours from mango to yam.

This first thing which will catch your eye as you enter his shop is the large array of ingredients arranged in glass bowls.

This swirling feathery thing, I suspect is used to keep the flies away.

tofu wang puts his heart in his business and is dedicated to making the tofu hua of the best quality. He believes in homemaking everything from scratch. He doesn’t buy ready made/ factory produced ingredients.  He grounds raw yellow beans to make tofu hua and steams them the traditional way using a wooden barrel. This is a picture of the barrel


Here he shows us fresh ginger flower and cactus juice just flown in from Penghu a few days ago.


One of the secret to his superb tofu hua is the ginger he uses. It Is locally grown in Neiwan, where the air is fresh and environment conditions optimal to growing good ginger.

And you will notice the difference it makes. The ginger syrup comes out just right. It has a stronger gingery taste without it being too sweet. The tofu is so smooth and tender, served with peanuts and pearls, it is nothing less than perfect!. You know the  rare moments in life where you feel so blessed and absolutely satisfied? This is one of those moments where I’m overwhelmed by happiness as the warmth of the tofu hua fills my stomach.

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June 1, 2011 at 9:04 am