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Sick Again

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This is the second time I have fallen sick in just 2 weeks. I suspect that it’s due to a confluence of factors – the fluctuating weather, overconsumption of deep-fried food & insufficient rest. It’s funny because I normally do not fall sick so easily& I could survive winter in Hong Kong & China without falling ill. A stallholder told me that I should get some water from Singapore, mix it with the water from Taiwan & drink them down together to prevent getting sick. Maybe I should try this next time.  For now I think I’m going to change my sleeping position. I suspect its bad feng shui too. Ahah.

The upside about begin sick is that you actually get to learn how caring the people in Taiwan can be. Mr. Zhang brought me to see a good doctor whom he is familiar with. He then bought me coconut juice to reduce internal heat and gave me some sore throat strepsils.

This “pork guy” here, upon hearing that I have a sore throat, immediately gave me a bottle of tangerine syrup. He told me to mix some water with a tablespoon of it & I will feel better in no time. Aww thanks!


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June 6, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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Neiwan – Rainy days, weekdays & weekends

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Okay it hasn’t stopped raining since I touched down in Taiwan.  I had already been feeling unwell before I came to Taiwan and the wet and cold weather is not helping to improve my condition. Slept in till around noon. Went out for brunch and found many shops to be closed. I later found out that shops here may close when it’s raining and do not open early on a weekday.  I guess it’s because this town mainly caters for tourists who visit on the weekends.

Neiwan old street is crowded and packed on a weekend. Look at the droves of visiting tourists. Business is brisk on this busy day. Besides the locals in Newan, people from zhu dong and other towns come In during the weekends to set up their stalls.


Here we have roasted lamb stick from Nantou. It is sprinkled with chili and sprayed with a layer of lemon juice before served.


Spring onion biscuit, it’s really really good and I’m not lying. It’s really crunchy and fragrant! Not soggy nor too oily which I kind of expected it to be.  I heard from Mr Li that this is one of the more famous ones in Taiwan and even the locals in Neiwan queue up to buy it on the weekends.

They are selling postcards of that ghostly dog I saw on a sign up in the hills!!

oh they have cartoon artists who come in to draw self-protraits of tourists for 200 yuan each . hmm not bad drawing!

Game stalls and pinball machines for kids and aduls to play. Good old simple fun such as throwing rings over bottle tops and figurines for a reward. Just like makeshift fun fairs in the past which you love as a kid.


See students slurping mango or strawberry shaved ice dessert which they carry in a plastic bowl which looks like an upside down pot cover

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June 3, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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