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Taipei’s International Travel Fair at Taipei World Trade Center

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The travel exhibition is huge, spanning across the whole of level one. I was there on the fourth and last day and it was super packed, with people anxiously snapping up good travel deals. I took pictures with many different mascots.


This is a picture with Taiwanese from Hualien. They were so enthusiastic in getting everyone to take a group picture with us. I felt as though I had already been to Hualien without actually having been there before.

I must say that trade fair is the place where handsome Taiwanese guys congregate. AHAHa.. I mean I see handsome Taiwanese dudes on the street on a daily basis but there was a concentration of tall and good-looking guys at the trade fair, maybe because these guys had to be of a certain standard in terms of attractiveness in order to be sales representatives of their respective companies.

Neiwan stall in Taipei’s tourism exhibition fair in a bid to attract more tourists to this little town. Er Jie sold her famous ginger leaf-wrapped hakka style dumplings and traditional mua chee. They were snapped up quickly and she sold all of them in the 4-day trade fair with many who had to place orders from her after they had been sold out.  She doesn’t earn anything from the sale taking into consideration the cost of petrol to travel to the exhibition hall from Neiwan. Doing it voluntarily, she really has the heart to promote her hometown.

This is her son and her girlfriend helping out at the stall.

Er Jie shared the stall with representatives from PingXi, she has good relations with them and they helped each other sell their products. Pingxi is selling their famous lantern souvenirs and the boss even gave me a complimentary flashing lantern mobile keychain. How nice!



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