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Homemade wild ginger flower pineapple tart

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Being a pineapple tart-lover at heart, I know I had to visit Neiwan’s pineapple tart stall. There you will be amazed by the assortment of pineapple tarts they have. flavours you wouldn’t think of having in a tart. Besides the original pineapple tart, they have pineapple tart combined with flavours such as chocolate, green matcha, wild ginger flower and walnut.. Their specialty is the wild ginger flower tart.

The boss told us his story of how he and his wife have started their business from scratch. They had the idea of blending the taste of Neiwan’s popular wild ginger flower with pineapple tart but were afraid that customers might not accept the resulting taste. The taste of ginger flower is strong and pungent. A delicate balance had to be struck in terms of the quantity of ginger flower in a tart to ensure that the resulting taste is not too pungent as to mask the traditional taste of the pineapple tart and yet still retain the natural fragrance of the flower. They experimented with the idea for some time before coming up with the perfect formula. The boss let us try a sample and it was really delicious. The ginger flower made the pineapple tart more fragrant and I like the fact that it’s not too sweet like some tarts I have tried back in Singapore.

This business of wild ginger flower pineapple tart is not as easy as it seems. Much skill and experience is needed in ensuring the freshest of wild ginger flowers is used. There have to be harvested during hotter months of the year before the flower fully blooms. I could see that the boss and his wife are truly dedicated in their business. Even the paper packaging is specially customized and designed to exactly fit each of their pineapple tart. They really deserve our continued patronage and support! . 😉




Written by clarine chai

June 1, 2011 at 9:36 am