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Home made cactus and wild ginger flower ice cream

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This purple ice cream is actually made of Cactus juice – only other place in taiwan which sells cactus ice cream is Penghu a small island off the coast of Taiwan. This ingredient is freshly flown from Penghu and goes really well with other ice cream flavours because of its mild sweet and refreshing taste.

wild ginger flower ice cream or rather any other food products with wild ginger in it is unique to Neiwan and you can’t find it anywhere else in Taiwan. It’s not because other places do not have wild ginger but it’s because only the locals of neiwan is ingenious enough to incorporate in it their food products. I heard from Mr Lan (another liaison officer from CPC) that the locals of Neiwan originally wanted to promote and use Sakura flower  and their food products but later decided against it because of some difficulity in harvesting it and Japan is already well-known for their sakura flower products and it’s hard to beat the Japanese at it. Hence they decided to name wild ginger flower as the official flower representative of Neiwan and to heavily promote and use it in their food products.


Written by clarine chai

June 1, 2011 at 10:56 am