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MOOOOO – who wants milk desserts?

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This neat little shop makes desserts out of fresh milk.  Friendly service staff with a cottage-like ambience, it also has an eye-appealing huge cow at the entrance of the shop for you to snap pictures with.

Mua chee with ginger soup and peanuts – this is like nothing I’ve seen before. Mua chee is normally made of glutinous rice flour but this is special because it has a tinge of milk in it. Cut it up and eat it with a spoonful of ginger soup and you will be surprised that ginger soup and milk mua chee can actually taste quite good together. I can’t decide if I prefer this or the regular mua chee. it’s just different. So go ahead and try it. Even if you decide that you prefer plain old regular mua chee after tasting it, at least you could say that you have tried something different and unique.

Milk ice cream (original)– I love the fresh milk taste and the fact that its not too sweet. Some ice cream I have tried before is so sweet that the sweetness just overwhelms your taste buds and you can’t really savour the flavor of the ice cream . This is just nice.

Lavender ice cream –I was apprehensive when they recommended this because I have tried lavender soy milk before and it tasted like facial soup – really awful.But Surprise! Surprise! This tastes really good. It’s natural and really refreshing. I love it!

(left – milk ice cream, right – lavender ice cream)

Milk pudding with chocolate syrup – I love this too. Freshly made with milk, it’s 10 times better than the mass-manufactured one you see in the supermarket which tends to be too sweet and unnatural.

Milk mochi – really special and I felt like ordering another one. The skin is not too thick though it can get a bit sticky (use a fork). I heard from the waitress that this is the modified version of the mochi in Japan. It ha  a layer of cake in it to suit Taiwanese preference. I felt that it would taste even better if it was served colder. (like really freezing cold, but not till it’s too hard to bite)

(left- Milk pudding with chocolate syrup, right – Milk mocha)

Overall, I felt that the milk taste could be stronger, but it sat very well with my friend who doesn’t like to drink milk on its own. I guess you will love this if you don’t really like the raw taste of milk.


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June 7, 2011 at 5:10 am

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Panong suspension bridge café – Jing Long Café

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A great place to dine at and just chill and relax. It is just next to the Panong suspension bridge which lights up at night, so come by for dinner to get a picturesque view of the bridge from the café. There is a mini-bar in the café and you can try the owner’s special cocktail concoctions.  The owner is so nice. He lent us his personal laptop to access the internet. The café is currently installing wi-fi facilities for its customers.

This is a picture of the owner & his wife

Interior of café

Cool bar area where they make their drinks. the owner will sometimes flash neon spotlights on the ceiling which form interesting patterns, giving a very disco-like feel to the café.

This is a beautiful artwork by famous cartoonist __ who used to live in  Neiwan. this area is for customers to rest and relax and maybe surf the net. they are considering of changing it to a 6 –seater dining table for customers who prefer to sit crossed-leg Japanese style while they dine.

this café homemake their own ice cream with their own ice-cream making machine. There are many flavours from chocolate, strawberry to yam and sesame.  I suggest you take the fruity or sour ones such as passionfruit and sour plum because this kind of ice cream is made with a higher content of water rather than milke so flavours such as chocolate and sesame wouldn’t taste that good. A unique flavour which can only be found in Penghu & Neiwan is the cactus flavoured ice cream. I can’t really describe how it tastes like, the closest I can think of  is aloe vera. It doesn’t have a very strong flavorful taste but nonetheless do give it a try.

exterior of café

You can choose to sit outside where you can get a scenic view of the panong suspension bridge and its surronding hills and rivers. Look at these pictures! Isn’t it a lovely place to spend an afternoon having tea?

Artistic interior design with flowers and folded paper cranes hanging from the ceiling, making this place really homely.

View of the sunset from the café

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June 6, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Home made cactus and wild ginger flower ice cream

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This purple ice cream is actually made of Cactus juice – only other place in taiwan which sells cactus ice cream is Penghu a small island off the coast of Taiwan. This ingredient is freshly flown from Penghu and goes really well with other ice cream flavours because of its mild sweet and refreshing taste.

wild ginger flower ice cream or rather any other food products with wild ginger in it is unique to Neiwan and you can’t find it anywhere else in Taiwan. It’s not because other places do not have wild ginger but it’s because only the locals of neiwan is ingenious enough to incorporate in it their food products. I heard from Mr Lan (another liaison officer from CPC) that the locals of Neiwan originally wanted to promote and use Sakura flower  and their food products but later decided against it because of some difficulity in harvesting it and Japan is already well-known for their sakura flower products and it’s hard to beat the Japanese at it. Hence they decided to name wild ginger flower as the official flower representative of Neiwan and to heavily promote and use it in their food products.

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June 1, 2011 at 10:56 am