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Hidden talents of Neiwan’s stall owners

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They say don’t judge a book by its covers and here in Neiwan, stall owners have hidden talents which can catch you by surprise, this stall owner which sells black sugar cake. He knows metaphysics and fortune telling – bagua, bazi, zi wei dou shu, flyihg star feng shui jus to name a few. And besides being well-versed in Chinese and other dialects, surprise! surprise! He also knows how to speak Japanese!!

He calculated our bazi, enlightened us on our life path ahead and relationship with loved ones. For my friend Deng Deng which currently has a boyfriend, he calculated their fate “yuan fen” in manadarin, which the Chinese believe is the reason for two persons to come together in this life. Apparently, she and her boyfriend fought in a battle in their past lives and died together on field hence are now reunited in the current life by strong fate. How interesting! And many things he said about our character and personality are surprisingly quite accurate! He also taught us to carry a bronze bell with us if we were to fan tai shui. Thanks for the advice!

After handwriting a personal flying star feng shui chart for us to take home, he insisted that we stay for dinner. His wife is a really good cook and I was really grateful for that meal – Being more than a week from home, my stomach not feeling too well from indigestion. She made healthy noodles with spring onions, preserved radish and clam soup. Delicious meal making me feel right at home  😉



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June 1, 2011 at 10:27 am

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