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Dumpling festival & Er jie’s wild ginger flower dumplings

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Dumpling festival is just around the corner! Er jie is busy making dumplings and even granny is joining in the fun. I can see Er Jie is applying what she has learnt at marketing lesson – to not only sell your final product but to show the process of making it. This way customers know what they are getting, and in this instance, its freshly made and wrapped wild ginger dumplings!!

I get the feeling that customers are stopping by her stall because Er Jie, granny and friends are gathered around the huge bowl of ingredients, laughing and making dumplings together. The warmth, sincerity and good fun they exude is attractive and gives the impression that Er Jie’s dumplings are made with extra love. Would you buy dumplings from Er jie or from a random stall with few miserly dumplings hanging out in the cold?


This picture is taken during ginger flower festival. Er Jie made the largest ever dumpling in Neiwan to celebrate this special occasion. This dumpling was then cut and given out to vistors of her stall. How amazingly passionate she is about dumplings!!



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June 1, 2011 at 10:46 am

Er jie’s Wild ginger flower dumplings

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One of neiwan’s famous delicacies is its wild ginger flower dumplings. It is Hakka style and it tastes really good. Traditional, and freshly steamed. YUMMY!!

The owner is the lady in green whom the locals call ER JIE. Motherly and accommodating, she immediately brought out stools for us sit and enjoy her dumplings and complimentary guavas & watermelon.. the guavas are really sweet. Different from the ones we are used to in Spore which is dryer and harder.



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June 1, 2011 at 10:38 am

Pan-Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie)

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Okay so after the trade fair ended, Er Jie’s son drove us back to Neiwan. On the way we stopped for dinner and as always, they insisted in treating us. He brought us to eat pan-fried dumplings (known as Guo Tie in Chinese) at his favourite eatery in Zhutong which is frequent as a child after school.

There are two kind of Guo Tie – One wrapped with mixed vegetables and the other with prawns. I prefer the mixed vegetables one. It  tastes just like the dumplings which my grandma made. I think I am beginning to understand the essence of good Taiwanese food. The key lies in its freshness and its fragrance.

This is a table with a variety of sauces which you can pick and choose FREE FLOW. It’s funny that this shop doesn’t have the black vinegar with ginger which normally goes with guotie. They only have the colourless one which is more sour. Er Jie’s son explained that Taiwanese people often use vinegar more as a flavor enhancer rather than as a dipping sauce, hence that could be a possible reason as to why this particular eatery doesn’t have the black vinegar. However he said that many other eateries should have it.

other dishes we had


Taiwanese people love mee I think . this is spicy-sour mee (suan la mian). It has a spongy texture, making it really chewy.

This is something like the “kway Chap” we have in Singapore. Love the sauce & fresh tofu! 😉

This is mee sua soup. Tasty

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June 1, 2011 at 9:56 am

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