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When what we are given decides what’s for dinner

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After weeks of eating out we were longing for home-cooked food. We walked past tofu wang at his store & he gave us a bag of tomatoes. “Eat this with sour plum. It’s good!” Then my friend had an idea – hey lets cook dinner instead. We could get some eggs from our lady landlord to make tomato egg soup!  “Are you serious?” I exclaimed, “You sure you can cook?

Although she claimed that she has been cooking since she was eight, the idea of boiling tomatoes & eggs still sounds a bit weird to me. Anyway I went along with the idea and bought some cooked meat to go with our tomato egg soup. (If the tomato egg soup turned out awful, at least I would still have proper meat for dinner. haha)

After getting our sliced meat, we saw Pork guy smiling at us from his stall across the street. When we told him about our cooking plans, he rummaged through his fridge and gave us a carrot, 2 potatoes and an onion to add to our soup. How nice! He even said that we shouldn’t have bothered to cook, that cooks every night and we could join him for dinner instead.

wow…with all this ingredients, if only we had preserved vegetables to flavor them, it’ll be perfect. So we asked tofu wang if he knew where to get them. He ended up giving us a bottle of preserved vegetables which he has kept for years. Wow thanks so much!

Meanwhile, wild mushroom auntie who has been listening into our cooking conversation went into her kitchen and came back with some dumplings & wild ginger flower herb of some sort. She gave them to us and said that all we had to do was to just steam them together in a pot. Okay. I’ll leave that to our lady landlord to figure.

And so.. It all started out with a bag of tomatoes and our plan to make tomato egg soup. A walk down Neiwan’s old street and we emerged at the other end carrying bags of ingredients for tomato egg soup, carrot-onion-potato soup and maybe – If we could persuade our lady landlord to cook for us –  preserved vegetables with braised pork.

Cooking process

finished dish


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June 7, 2011 at 4:24 am

Caring Homestay mother in Neiwan

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This is where I stayed. It’s a homestay (Minsu in Chinese) something like a hostel but you stay with a family.  . It’s great because you get to see how a Taiwanese family lives and learn about the food they eat and their habits.

The woman in purple is our landlord. We She is so nice and motherly. She is really concerned for our safety and waits for us to return home before she sleeps every night. We only realized that when once we went to Taipei and came back really late at night. (Taipei is 2hrs away from Neiwan – so that is 4hrs to and fro. We made a mistake of setting off too late).

Another instance you can see how caring she is was when we told her that we wanted to see the fireflies in Neiwan. We knew the way but she was afraid for our safety and decided to go together with us. She even made dinner for us. It was plain and healthy like my mum’s cooking. I especially love the egg steamed with Chinese wine. I told her I love taiwan’s braised pork rice and she said she would cook braised pork with bamboo shoots for us next time. There is no market in Neiwan. The nearest one is in Zhudong and she offered to bring us there next time. Wonder if it’s like the wet market in Malaysia?

 Food she cooked for us- YUMMY!!


from left- Yu deng, me, Mr Zhang, Mr Lan, Our landlord 😉

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June 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

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