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How to tell whether it’s Good lu rou fan (braised pork rice)

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Lu rou fan. The homestay couple told us that good lu rou fan has to be cooked in a huge pot over and over again. Really good and famous old stalls do not wash their pots for as long as 10 years to retain the roasted taste. Shock! Shock! The first thought that flashed across my mind was – is it hygienic?? But I think he has read my mind before I could ask him. He explained that it’s safe because what is left on the bottom of the pot is burnt oil and re-cooking the oil at high temperatures each time will sterilize and kill whatever germs there is in the pot while adding on to the burnt and rusty flavor of good old lu rou fan! ;P alright I’m convinced!! No wonder lu rou fan from older stalls by the road taste so much better.



Written by clarine chai

June 1, 2011 at 10:30 am