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You don’t have to ask for help in Neiwan – Kind strangers at 7 eleven

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There are times when you are in need but no one comes forward to help and there are times when you are in need but others are unable to help.

Today was a time when we are in need but not out to seek help, yet we got all the help we couldn’t have asked for. ..

Mr Li was not in the past few days and we couldn’t access the internet. We decided to try our luck with the 7 eleven down the street which has wi-fi. Unfortunately we needed an internet account which only Taiwan citizens would have in order to use it. 2 guys sitting at the table saw us struggling to access the internet and offered to help us. They lent us their accounts to use and as we chatted, we found out that they were from Taipei and were here to see the fireflies in Neiwan.  One of them is a professional photographer and managed to take pictures of them.  Those were just what I needed for my blog. We added each other on facebook and he said that he could email me the photos if I wanted. I think they pitied us for not having internet access at our homestay so they gave us their passwords and told us not to give them to anyone else. He even said that we could contact them the next time we go Taipei and they could bring us around. How nice!


Written by clarine chai

June 7, 2011 at 4:36 am