Exploring the Miracles of Neiwan

Who says policeman only catches thief?

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Here in Neiwan..policeman also grows vegetables! Ahah..

Well you know why? That’s because there are no baddies to catch in this little town.

So it all started when we wanted to check out the police station atop a hill.

Nearing the entrance, we saw 2 big & burly policemen in their uniform at their desks. I smiled at them. One of them stood up & I was thinking..erm I should get going but guess what.. He struck a conversation with us & invited us to come inside for tea. WOW they were so friendly and easygoing so I asked if

We could take pictures with them..

Then cheekily asked if we could wear their policeman hats.. (I didn’t think he would really allow us to do so– you see, I can’t remember where I learnt this from, but a policeman’s hat has to be treated with atmost respect because it’s a symbol of justice & integrity, a representation of the country & your responsibility in protecting the rights of ordinary civilians)

So I was really surprised when he took out his hat & put it on my head. He even said he wanted me to email him my picture because I look pretty in it. Haha!

Okay so back to growing of vegetables. They simply have too much time on their hands I think. Besides the occasional fines they issue for illegal parking & some administrative work, there’s really nothing much left to do. Well they can punch at their beanbags to train their muscles, but that doesn’t occupy the whole day ..  Soooo.. they grow vegetables! Look at this! They have a mini plot of vegetables in their backyard – long beans, cucumbers, lemon. He even plucked some cucumbers & lemon for us to bring home! How nice! & I must say – the freshly plucked cucumbers are really sweet 😉

Okay next he gave us a tour of the police station & the lush greenery around it.

There is the 100 year old “gui hua shu” & according to him, if you haven’t seen this tree, you haven’t been to Neiwan. Okaaayy. It looks pretty normal to me. Can’t tell it’s a 100 year old.

Then there’s this wishing pond with a “green guan yin” sitting in the centre. A bit peculiar-looking but then again, I need all the luck I can get. Grant me my wish pleaaaaseee ahah!

Okay we got bored so we sat down inside & chit-chatted with them. They started talking about politics & economy & asked us how the policemen are like in our countries. Hehe.. &  then one policeman suddenly took out his cuffs & handcuffed me !! ahah so playful! & we managed to snap a picture of it.

It’s getting late so We bid the policemen farewell, left our contacts & promised to drop in again sometime 😉


Written by clarine chai

June 7, 2011 at 4:33 am

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