Exploring the Miracles of Neiwan

Introduction to Neiwan

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Hakka of the Han Chinese family originally from the northern provinces of Henan and Shanxi in China, came to Taiwan in the 17th century settling in the northern mountainous areas of Taiwan – Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli & Kaoshiung-pingdong areas.

Neiwan is part of the Hengshan Township in Hsinchu. It is accessible by the Neiwan Branch Railway line – a smaller branch line operated by the Taiwan Railway administration which runs up the valley from Zhutong to Neiwan.  Neiwan is well-known for its wild ginger flower and it is used in many of its delicacies. Cherry trees are in full bloom during January and February and Tong flowers, also known as “Snow of May” (五月雪) bloom in late spring.

Neiwan is also the birthplace of the famous cartoonist Liu Hsing-chin who is well-known for his creation of Auntie (大嬸婆) and Third Uncle (阿三哥) comic characters. These cartoon characters can be seen all around Neiwan on posters and shop signs.


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