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Wild ginger flower egg roll

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This is wild ginger flower egg roll. One and only stall in Taiwan making this. look its egg rolls are freshly rolled out from the machines for passer bys to see.

TV screen by the side show clips of famous artistes having visted their stalls in the past. Handsome dude AGAIN!

My friend who doesn’t like the fragrance of wild ginger flower actually thinks this is acceptable.  I guess it’s because the wild ginger flower is crushed into bits and pieces so it blends nicely with the egg roll batter. The beauty in this is that you wouldn’t notice the wild ginger flower taste on the first bite. It comes as an aftertaste after you have chewed over half of the egg roll, making it really fragrant and appetizing.

Apparently this is one of the flagship stores under a company known as green biotech. They have egg roll stores throughout Taiwan selling egg rolls of different flavours unique to that town’s specialty for example- its wild ginger flower for Neiwan and sausage for Nantou


Written by clarine chai

June 6, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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