Exploring the Miracles of Neiwan

Mr Chang (張學義) from China’s Productivity Center

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This is Mr Chang 張學義  from China producitivity center, in charge of revamping Neiwan. He recounted to us the history of Neiwan. 11 years ago, this little town was as good as dead. It consisted of mainly old folks who spend most of their time sleeping. The government had a hard time convincing these people to change as they often do not understand the government’s well-meaning intentions/ well-intended motivations. Mr Chang told me that respect is key. He really listened to these villagers to try and understand their needs. He acted as the villagers’ liaison officer with the government and fight to secure more funds for them. Dedicating 11 years to improving the livelihood of villagers in this town, it was a long and difficult process but he is proud that it has now become a bustling place with droves of visiting tourists every other week. He told us of how the old folks were all bewildered by the transformation as they have never seen so many people visiting their town before.


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June 6, 2011 at 10:52 am

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