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CPC also invite marketing professionals to help the villagers improve their stalls’ businesses. I sat in on one of the sessions and it was a great refresher course for what I have learnt in school. He talked about differentiating yourself by discovering your product’s unique selling point rather than copying what other stalls are selling to prevent price competition.  It entails recognizing tourists’ unfulfilled desires and satisfying them. He stressed that most customers engage in emotional buying hence creating an atmosphere to get them in a buying mood is crucial. Service and attitude is important because you are not just selling a product but also selling customers an experience. Hence Selling is a process which has to be mastered and learning techniques such as portraying a good image to instill confidence, creating a buzz over your product to attract attention and crafting a story to appeal to emotions can help increase your business revenue.

The villagers listened intently at every word he spoke, asking for clarification along the way. I think they must have found his lesson immensely useful for their business. The learning point he wanted to bring across was simple – that is to understand what customers really want and fulfilling it. However after years in the business, owners tend to forget this simple principle. It was heartening to see the villagers so self-motivated and eager to learn. Following the advice of instructor ___many were determined to conduct their own marketing research by googling their shop’s name on the web. I really hope that they can successfully apply these marketing principles in their business and see it flourish and prosper over the holiday season.




Written by clarine chai

June 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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