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Neiwan’s Community meeting

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I sat into one of their head community meetings after dinner on a Wednesday night. Led by Mr Li whom the people address as “Li shi zhang”, they debate and discuss on pertinent issues regarding the administration of the town. Like every club meeting, they discussed about budget and finances, specifically the fees they were getting from the stall holders and the utilization of funds for the club’s activities. They were proactive in starting initiatives to attract more tourists to Neiwan. An example is their plan to organize an amazing race competition in which tourists have to visit designated spots marked out for them and the first to complete this challenge will be rewarded with attractive prizes and souvenirs. This is to encourage tourists to venture out and explore the whole of Neiwan and discover that this town has a lot more to offer rather than just the food stalls on the main street. This event is expected to be officially carried out in June.


Other issues such as the illegal parking of vehicles along the road and managing unruly stallholders were also brought to the table. They recognize the need to establish a good working relationship with the local police. For example, during the peak lunch period and mornings where delivery trucks drive in to unload goods, the police can be more lenient on illegal parking by giving gentle reminders rather than an outright fine to prevent scaring away tourists. Both the police and committee must also check that the stallholders adhere to hygiene guidelines stipulated by the government so as to portray a good image to visiting tourists.


It was fun watching these elderly folks engage in heated discussions over issues close to their hearts.  Engaging local villagers in administering the town has created in them a sense of belonging and attachment to their hometown. Especially for older folks who can still contribute their skills and knowledge, it makes them feel valued, hence enhancing their personal well-being and the community spirit at large.



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June 1, 2011 at 10:57 am

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