Exploring the Miracles of Neiwan

Caring Homestay mother in Neiwan

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This is where I stayed. It’s a homestay (Minsu in Chinese) something like a hostel but you stay with a family.  . It’s great because you get to see how a Taiwanese family lives and learn about the food they eat and their habits.

The woman in purple is our landlord. We She is so nice and motherly. She is really concerned for our safety and waits for us to return home before she sleeps every night. We only realized that when once we went to Taipei and came back really late at night. (Taipei is 2hrs away from Neiwan – so that is 4hrs to and fro. We made a mistake of setting off too late).

Another instance you can see how caring she is was when we told her that we wanted to see the fireflies in Neiwan. We knew the way but she was afraid for our safety and decided to go together with us. She even made dinner for us. It was plain and healthy like my mum’s cooking. I especially love the egg steamed with Chinese wine. I told her I love taiwan’s braised pork rice and she said she would cook braised pork with bamboo shoots for us next time. There is no market in Neiwan. The nearest one is in Zhudong and she offered to bring us there next time. Wonder if it’s like the wet market in Malaysia?

 Food she cooked for us- YUMMY!!


from left- Yu deng, me, Mr Zhang, Mr Lan, Our landlord 😉


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June 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

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